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Holiday Weight Loss Blues
By Bethany Roberts
Do you get the blues during the Holiday Season because you know you are going to gain weight and there is nothing you can do? Take heart because this year I am going to let you in on a few secrets I have for avoiding weight gain during the Holidays. Here are a few simple tips that will make a big difference:
Eat a Real Meal Before Going to Parties
Let's face it, most of the food at Holiday parties are snacks and deserts which are loaded with saturated fat and sugar. If you work all day and then go straight to a party then of course you are going to pig out on all the snacks that will make you fat. A better course to follow is to be "fashionable late" and eat a real meal before you go to the party. Just skip the deserts at your meal because you know you will have pleeeenty of choices for deserts at the party.
Minimize the Damage with Carb Block and Fat Blocker
Use Carb Block and Fat Blocker for those times when you can't just say no. One of the best and worst parts of the holiday season is all those delicious desserts that everyone seems to make. Who among us has the will power to always say no. Go ahead and indulge when that irresistible treat comes along but minimize the damage with Carb Block and Fat Blocker. Keep a couple of capsules of each handy for those little emergencies that are sure to come up.
Do Not, I Repeat, DO NOT Stop Exercising
There are always numerous extra activities during the Holidays and it is easy to start skipping your normal workouts. I warn you not to give in to the temptation. If there is so much going on that you cannot workout as much as you normally do then cut back but do not quit completely. If you normally workout four days a week then skip one or two days but still go at least twice a week. You can also shorten the length of your workouts by just hitting the major exercises. Continuing to workout during the holidays not only helps you to burn of some of the extra calories you are taking in but is also a great way to deal with all the extra stress that comes with the holiday Season. And we all know what happens when the stress gets to be too much; we overeat. Exercising is probably the single most important thing you can do during the Holidays so fit it in to your schedule.
I can't promise that if you follow these tips you won't still gain some weight during the Holidays but I can promise that you will gain a lot less which will be much easier to lose when you start the long anticipated New Years Resolution part of the year. My last tip for the Holidays is to keep everything in perspective. This can be a great time of year so do not overstress about gaining weight. Do the best you can to prevent any gains but if the worst does happen then just come back next issue and I will help you to lose whatever you gain.

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